Introduction to Algonquin Park Habitats - Common Loon Activities
Common Loon Activities

Common Loon and Bird Activities

The Common Loon is a true symbol of wild places, and one that most visitors associate with Algonquin Park. Common throughout the Park, and Ontario, the population status of the loon became a concern over 20 years ago as it became evident that airborne pollutants were having detrimental effects on aquatic ecosystems. As a response to this concern, Algonquin Park began to monitor its loon population and continues to do so today. Long term monitoring of loons is not unique. For over 30 years Park Naturalists have been monitoring all of Algonquin's birds, collecting data on seasonal migration, abundance and occurrence within the Park. To further investigate the Common Loon, and how monitoring techniques aid wildlife research, explore one of the activities below.

Feeder Watch
Feeder Watch - Data Sheet
Feeder Watch - Work Sheet
How Much Wood Could A Woodpecker Peck
Watch The Birdie
Watch The Birdie - Work Sheet
Watch The Birdie - Observation Sheet

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