Introduction to Algonquin Park Habitats - Eastern Wolf Activities
Eastern Wolf Activities

Eastern Wolf Activities

Algonquin Park is famous for its wolves. Many visitors to the Park hope to catch a glimpse of this elusive animal or hear it on one of Algonquin's Public Wolf Howls. Today, the wolf is protected in and around the Park, but for the first 65 years of the Park's existence, Park Rangers actively tried to eliminate the wolf from Algonquin. When the Ontario Government initiated the Park's first wolf research project in 1958, the killing of wolves ceased. Since that first wolf project, two other major studies on the Park's wolves has been undertaken. Dr. John Theberge from the University of Waterloo (1987-1999) provided valuable insight into the seasonal movements of Algonquin's wolves through the use of radio telemetry. Today, Dr. Brent Patterson of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources continues to track Algonquin's wolves with radio telemetry and Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies. Over the past 45 years much has been learned about Algonquin's wolves from the various research projects, from their life history and ecology to their genetic characteristics. Continued research will further to help better understand, and appreciate this symbol of the wild. To further investigate the Eastern Wolf, and the different methods used to research this world famous animal, explore one of the activities below.

It's All In The Poop
It's All In The Poop - Scatology Inquiry Sheet
It's All In The Poop - Theberge Data Sheet
It's All In The Poop - Pimlott Data Sheet
It's All in the Poop - Work Sheet
It's All In The Poop - Cuticular scale patterns of commom mammal species
Wolf and Deer Interactions (Predator/Prey Relationships)
Safety in Numbers
Wolf DNA
Wolf DNA - Canid Species Pictures
Wolf DNA - Data Sheets
Wolf DNA - DNA Inquiry Sheet
Wolf DNA - Who's Yo Daddy
Wolf Telemetry
Wolf Telemetry - Data Sheet
Wolf Telemetry Activity
Wolf Telemetry - Inquiry Sheet

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