About Researchers
About Researchers

Join the researchers below to discover the science and technology they use in the field and in the laboratory to investigate the complex and fascinating lives of wildlife in Algonquin Provincial Park.

Painted Turtle

Ron Brooks
Head to an Algonquin beaver pond with Ron Brooks, a Professor from the University of Guelph, as he investigates the reproduction and growth of one of the Park's most common turtle species, the Painted Turtle.
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Black Bear

Jeremy Inglis
Algonquin Park is home to an estimated 2,000 Black Bears, but little is known about their movements and feeding habits. Join Jeremy Inglis, a Fish and Wildlife Technician with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, as he attempts to answer questions about the lives of Algonquin's Black Bears.
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Eastern Wolf

Brent Patterson
Ontario's Algonquin Provincial Park is one of the world's best places to hear the howl of a wolf, but few visitors ever get a chance to see this elusive creature. Join Dr. Brent Patterson of Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources as he attempts to unravel unanswered questions regarding Algonquin's wolves.
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Norm Quinn
Visitors to Algonquin rarely forget their first experience seeing a Moose, whether feeding on aquatic vegetation in a beaver pond, or standing along Highway 60. Meet Norm Quinn, Park Biologist, to learn how he estimates the population of Algonquin Park's largest animal, the Moose.
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Brook Trout

Brian Monroe
How many Brook Trout are in an Algonquin Park lake? Join Brian Monroe of the Algonquin Fisheries Assessment Unit as he heads into the watery world of the Brook Trout to catch and tag these brightly coloured fish.
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Gray Jay

Dan Strickland
Join Dan Strickland, retired Chief Park Naturalist, as he explores the interesting world of the Gray Jay, a bird that never migrates and begins nesting in late winter when temperature can still reach a very chilly -30C!
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Common Loon

Ron Tozer
Join Ron Tozer, retired Park Naturalist and expert birdwatcher, along the shorelines of Algonquin's many lakes as he investigates the migration and population status of the Common Loon, Ontario's provincial bird.
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